Q: I already have a Web site. Can I still use a LittleWindow page?
A: Yes, and more than likely, like most small-business Web sites, you desperately need a LittleWindow
page. It's the drawing card that will bring your customers back every single day. Publish your easy-to-remember LittleWindow web address and add a free LittleWindow launch button to your current Website, or do both, it's up to you. Used either as a stand-alone or linked from your current Web pages, your LittleWindow page brings the useful content that will get your site a bookmark, and let your customers see your name every single day.
Q: I do not currently have a graphic banner that I could use on my LittleWindow page. Can you make my banner? If so, how much will that cost?
A: Most of our customers do not have a small banner that will fit their new LittleWindow page. An initial banner is included at no additional charge. You select from several templates, provide your information, and we do the rest. The banner, something that would cost $150 at average designer prices, becomes your property. If you already have a small banner, or wish to create your own, that is fine also.
Q: I would like to maintain my own LittleWindow banner graphic at my existing Web site. Can I do that?
A: Yes. You can link your LittleWindow page to your own banner image maintained anywhere.
Q: How can I use my LittleWindow page to build customer loyalty?
A: We suggest that you print your new easy-to-remember LittleWindow page address on your business cards and letterhead. Additionally, include a small label or card in your next invoice or mailing. Be sure and point out the unique fun-and-useful nature of your new LittleWindow and that you are providing it as a service and a way of saying thanks to your valued customers. Encourage them to pass the address on to their associates- and believe us, they will want to. Just get them to visit your new LittleWindow page one time, they will be hooked.
Q: The LittleWindow page doesn't have any links that involve my business. How does that help me?
A: Bingo! That is very the concept that will make your LittleWindow page a bonanza to your business. The LittleWindow page is exactly the kind of Internet page that your customers will want to use every single day, several times a day, from office and from home. That is the unique concept that can get your customer to bookmark your page. Load your page with information that concerns a single aspect and you inevitably lose the daily access that will translate into increased business presence, and profit, for you. Your LittleWindow page will get your customers and potential customers to see your name every day. When they need a product or service that you offer, you get the call.

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