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Your LittleWindow After an initial look at the typical small-business web site, visitors seldom, if ever, stop by again. Your Web site disappears from user bookmarks just as your business presence disappears from user consciousness.


The Internet is a graveyard for countless, expensive home pages which have been laid to rest and are visited only by friends and family. Typical small-organization Web sites do not provide the content or receive the maintenance required to assure the return of Web site visitors. After all, you're not in the Web site business- but we are. Partner with Netwindow Solutions and let us do what we do best while you do what you do best. Your Internet presence need never give you a second thought.

Your Own High-Traffic LittleWindow

A LittleWindow page is the perfect drawing card, providing even the smallest budget with an extremely effective Web presence either through an easy-to-remember standalone Web adddress, or linked from an existing Web site. Establish a traffic-generating Netwindow Solutions LittleWindow page and you're sure to get a bookmark that will keep your customers coming back every day.

Your link will load your LittleWindow page with your company information displayed as a banner across the top of the page. Your banner can contain company information and Web or e-mail links as you desire. Essentially, your LittleWindow page is an interactive business card that your customers will see every day. If they need a product or service that you can provide, who do you think will get the call! If you have an existing Web site, you may choose to simply link to your LittleWindow page from your current Web site. Your LittleWindow Page is an extremely economical way to establish a presence on the Web or enhance your current one.

Your LittleWindow Works With Or Without An Existing Web Site

Customers Can Access Your LittleWindow Two Ways
  • Easy to Remember Direct Web Address:

    You do not need an existing Website to have a LittleWindow. Your customers can access your LittleWindow using your address directly. Tell anyone about your LittleWindow they will love it and tell their friends. Put the address on your business cards and invoices. Add it to your e-mail signature file. [View Sample]

  • Free Launch Button For Your Existing Website
    For those with a current Website, just add your clickable LittleWindow button on any of your existing Web pages to allow your visitors to launch your personal LittleWindow from anywhere on your Website.
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Additional Free Features, Services and Options

  • You Can Link Your LittleWindow Banner Anywhere You Wish
    Your personal banner at the top of your LittleWindow is clickable and can be linked to any Website or location you choose.

  • Continuous Page Content Maintenance and Updates.
    Accuracy of your LittleWindow page links is constantly monitored and maintained by Netwindow Solutions as part of your subscription fee.

  • Free Graphic Banner
    Your LittleWindow will be ready to use instantly. It all happens automatically during our online subscription process. Your LittleWindow will initially have a text banner, and instructions explaining how to specify your high-quality graphic banner. The graphic banner will appear on your LittleWindow 48 hours after receiving your selections. [View Sample Banners]

  • Your Account is Available in Ten-Seconds
    Your LittleWindow will be ready to use instantly. It all happens automatically during our online subscription process.

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